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The Perfect CV In 10 Minutes: How To Write It and Helpful Websites

The Perfect CV In 10 Minutes: How To Write It and Helpful Websites

A resume is the work of a lifetime. We spend years in education, internships, job trials, and gathering other relevant professional accolades. We also streamline our interests and learn our strengths/weaknesses in the workplace over time.

So, how are we meant to put it all on a sheet of paper or two? Sure, there’s cover pages, headings, and bullet points, but figuring it all out can take days, if not weeks! And no one has that type of time in today’s dynamic job market. Recent research undertaken by LinkedIn even shows that some people can spend a year perfecting their CVs – all time they could have invested in finding the right job.

Fortunately, there are a few online CV-making platforms that can not only guide you through every step of making your resume but also speed it up! Most of the services are sign-up and go, but others ask for a small subscription fee for extra features.

Either way, it’s worth it and will pay back in the long run once you’ve bagged your dream job! So, let’s look at some of these helpful sites and learn how to cultivate the perfect CV within minutes.

Find your basic template

The template is the backbone of your resume. Think of it like the lines in a drawing book – all that’s left is to color in the blank spaces. So, once you have the right one, half of the work is already done.

A good template will adequately divide each section (personal info, education, experience) and give you space to fill in your details. It should be easy to navigate and make chronological sense. Plus, a nice design flair or two never hurts. has you covered when it comes to sleek, professional, and attractive templates. They have a vast range to select from for both paying and non-paying users. In fact, you’ll even find resume templates that are designed according to the “resume norm” in different countries.

In fact, promises that its CV templates are field-tested to follow “template rules” that employers look for. What’s more, is that they’re entirely customizable. Using the platform's simple “click & drag” tool, you can choose exactly where everything goes within seconds.

Review top-grade professional resumes – set a goal

Perhaps you’re stuck in your ways when it comes to CV-making, or maybe you have no clue where to start. If either sounds like you, rifling through a few premade and tested CVs could get your creative juices flowing!

Most CVs follow the same pattern, so don’t worry about being called a copycat. In fact, ResumeCoach has a whole certified collection of tried and tested resumes to inspire their users. Their example resumes are listed according to a number of industries. By selecting whatever sector you’re interested in, from customer service to law, you’ll be treated to hundreds of resumes that apply to every role possible within that domain.

If that’s not enough, their “10 most popular resumes” list could help. Once you’ve chosen your resume style, you can then benefit from some of their expert CV-filling tips that’ll have your resume ready to send within 10 minutes!

It’s essential to have a goal in mind when trying to fast-track the CV creating process. Not only in terms of what job you’re aiming to land but also in terms of what your (or THE ideal) CV looks like. Every employer will look for something different in a CV, and what that is generally varies according to industry. So, it’s definitely worth checking out ResumeCoach to get your CV in order!

Optimize your profile photo

Taking professional CV headshots can take up a large portion of the day. Think about it, you have to get dressed up in your finest office clothes, find a well-lit area with a suitable background, and on top of that – not even a single hair can be out of place!

Plus, if we’re making an impromptu CV due to unforeseen circumstances, we might not have gotten a good night's sleep or even scrubbed our face!

What’s there to do?

A few strategic touch-ups of your old photos could be the answer. And no, that's not considered sneaky or cheating! Take the fact that there is a whole website and app dedicated solely to clearing up and refreshing old photos.

By signing up for Fotor and uploading your photos, you can start retouching them within seconds. Their easy-to-use design and editing tools are intuitive, requiring only that you click and go.

Using Fotor, you can highlight parts of your appearance that you’d like to enhance while decreasing radiance of other parts. And for a nice final touch, you can blur or smooth over the background for that professional look.

Of course, it’s not necessary that you include a photo on your CV at all, but it’s certainly a nice fit for online CVs.

Plus, Fotor is also home to a customizable resume builder that offers hundreds of templates to pick from. However, if you’re looking to add a more personal touch, Fotor also allows you the creative freedom to piece together your resume in a matter of minutes.

On the design platform you can play with overlays, backgrounds, colors and text to maximize your CV’s appeal. Even better is how easy their handy “drag & drop” tool makes the whole creative process!

Know your qualifications

If you start making your CV without knowing what you need to put on it, you WILL get distracted. You’ll end up searching through drawers or going through files just to find dates, establishment names, and references.

Have it all lined up and ready beside you before you even open your laptop/computer!

But show off …

Have you ever closed a lucrative deal for an employer? Perhaps captivated some high-end investors with your work? Even forged collaborative relationships with a fellow brand? Whatever it is, the person reading your CV is likely to be impressed with it.

And that’s the main benefit of creating your CV in under 10 minutes. If you don’t have time to mull over what you’re writing, you’re much less likely to worry that you’re being “full of yourself” or arrogant. You’re also less likely to underplay your incredible achievements.

So, speed run your CV and show everyone your talents! Consider Canva your best friend in this endeavor. Canva is an online graphic design platform that lets users craft their own posters, images, thumbnails, designs, and much more. Most important of that “much more” for us are Canva’s professional CV templates.

Using these crafted templates, you can have your CV finished within literal minutes. After all, all you have to do is type!

Making a CV is never easy. It’s one of your first channels of communication with your potential employer and they essentially judge you depending on its contents. So, it’s worthwhile making it look good, professional and as natural as possible. This hefty task is made possible by the tips and online platforms outlined above. It’s also worth doing fast so you can spend more time hunting down the right job for you. So, why not get started and you might find yourself in your ideal job by this time next week? It’s time to get down to fast business!