Desk Auto Appraiser

Birmingham - Alabama (AL),


Job Description:


Birmingham AL


Our Desk appraiser investigates, evaluates and appraises damaged automobiles of varying condition in our Liberty Park office and settles this portion of the claim within an authorized dollar limit. So if you are ready to get out of the heat/cold of the body shop and into an office, this is the job for you.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Participates in a program of formal and on-the-job training through classroom instruction, observing repair work and keeping abreast of new repair techniques and procedures. Successful completion of all company training and certification testing is required to remain in the position.
  • Examines first and third party vehicle damage in the field or at drive in locations or at service centers. Follows the company photograph guidelines to verify the identity of the vehicle and to thoroughly document current condition/damage, prior damage, vehicle options, etc. and prepares accurate written appraisal to determine and verify the extent of vehicular damage. A copy of the appraisal will be provided to the owner and uploaded on the day of the appraisal. All supplements will be completed per company guidelines.
  • Ensures adherence to claims procedures and guidelines prescribed by the company to produce a high quality work product.
  • Negotiates repair prices with repair facilities and secures agreed prices for
  • Maintains a list of company approved part suppliers and uses these firms whenever possible/applicable to control the cost of repairs and to ensure quality work. May visit repair shops to evaluate physical plant, quality of work and may provide a list of garage or repair facilities to insured if allowed by state law.
  • Negotiates settlements in a timely manner as assigned.
  • Ensures equitable and fair payment of physical damage losses within authority granted.
  • Obtains all necessary documentation to substantiate the appraisal and/or settlement being offered.
  • Returns completed appraisal to the handling office no later than 24 hours after inspection.
  • Position Qualifications:

    • 1+ years of experience in automobile appraising required.
    • Must have good computer skills.
    • Must have good planning and organizing skills.
    • Must have good written and verbal communication skills. Some positions may require specific bilingual skills.
    • Must have the ability to effectively deal with conflict.
    • Successful completion of specific courses as designated by Home Office, National Material Damage Dept in connection with the Infinity University Claims Training Dept. is required to remain in this position. Failure to pass any of these designated classes will result in termination.
    • Must have a valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record.

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