Fixed Route Bus Operator (Regular Part-Time) (Grade 9)

Huntsville - Alabama (AL),

City of Huntsville, AL

Job Description:

Nature of Work

This is skilled work in the operation of medium duty transit buses on fixed routes. Work involves responsibility for driving a medium duty shuttle bus on a fixed route, and transporting passengers in a safe, courteous and professional manner. Work also involves responsibility for conducting daily vehicle inspections, collecting fares from customers and providing information, and performing basic record keeping duties. Work is performed under general supervision once the route and operating procedures are learned. Work is reviewed by a supervisor through conferences, reports and observation of work in progress. Operates a medium duty, shuttle bus on a fixed route, transporting passengers in a safe, courteous and professional manner; adheres closely to time schedule; collects fares from customers and maintains ridership records; provides information to passengers such as other route schedules, stop locations, fare schedules, and directions to public buildings, hospitals and other places of interest; provides assistance to disabled passengers; issues transfers. Remains physically and mentally alert to traffic and driving conditions; drives defensively; maintains order on the bus, interacts with unruly riders including those under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Conducts pre-trip inspection of the vehicle at the beginning of the shift and post-trip inspection of the vehicle at the close of the shift to ensure that the vehicle is operational and functioning properly; checks fluid levels and adds fuel, oil and water as needed. Fills out logs and survey forms, prepares maintenance reports. Requires regular and prompt attendance plus the ability to work well with others and work well as a team. Keeps interior of bus clean and free of trash; replaces burned out light bulbs; performs minor maintenance duties; serves on committees to evaluate routes and schedules; drives for special events and community activities; performs related work as required.

Physical and Environmental Factors:
Work requires sitting for long periods of time in a confined vehicle. Work also requires occasional walking, standing, bending, climbing stairs, and lifting light objects. Work requires physical dexterity in the frequent use of hand-to-eye coordination and manipulative skills using
fingers, limbs and body in the operation of buses and other vehicles. Work is performed outside in operating a passenger bus on a fixed route. Work exposes the employee to potential traffic hazards and to inclement weather when driving. Employee is occasionally subject to potential physical hazards from unruly passengers.

Minimum Education, Training and Experience

High school diploma from a school accredited by a regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or GED certificate issued by the appropriate state agency and considerable experience in driving light duty buses, serving the public on fixed routes; or any combination of education, training and experience that demonstrates the above listed knowledge, skills and abilities. Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of operating medium duty passenger buses. Knowledge of safety principles and practices applicable to bus operations. Knowledge of local and state traffic ordinances and laws. Some knowledge of basic maintenance and repair of medium duty buses. Ability to operate a medium duty passenger bus in a safe and proper manner, to adhere closely to time and route schedules, to collect fares and maintain logs, and provide information to passengers. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, and to prepare reports and maintain records of operations. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with superiors, fellow employees, passengers and the general public. Skill in the operation and care of a notebook computer. Skill in the operation of a medium duty passenger bus.

Necessary Special Requirements:
Valid Class D Driver's License Required Upon Hire

Must obtain and maintain a valid Commercial Driver's License - Class B (minimum), with Air Brakes and Passenger Endorsements within 90 days of hire or promotion.
Applicants May Obtain a Copy of the City of Huntsville's EEOP Short Form Upon Request

The City of Huntsville offers the following benefits, sick leave, holiday pay and retirement, for its regular, part-time employees. Part-time employees are not eligible for paid vacation, overtime or other benefits.

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