CH47F NETT Maintenance Test Pilot

Huntsville - Alabama (AL), 35824

Science and Engineering Services

Job Description:

Performs flight readiness inspections, completes maintenance forms and aircraft log books.
Flight tests the applicable aircraft to determine that the airframe, power plant, accessories and items of equipage are functioning IAW predetermined requirements.
Performs maintenance operational checks of aircraft on the ground through engine run-up, aircraft taxiing or use of auxiliary power or testing equipment, to assure that aircraft systems or components disturbed during an inspection or maintenance action have been repaired, reassembled or adjusted satisfactorily.
Performs general maintenance operational test flights to prove the airworthiness of the complete aircraft.
Completes test flight check sheets IAW the applicable maintenance manual.
Performs limited test flights when it
is necessary to prove proper functioning of specific items/components.
After each test flight, performs a thorough visual inspection to the extent necessary to ensure that deficiencies developed as a result of the test flight are detected and corrected before the aircraft is released for further flight.

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS AND EXPERIENCE: FAA Commercial Pilot or Airline Transport Pilot rating and the appropriate category endorsements. Must meet all Army initial aircraft qualifications. Must be a graduate of the Army Maintenance Test Pilot Course or have completed an equivalency evaluation conducted by the Directorate of Evaluation and Standardization (DES), U.S. Army Aviation Center, Ft. Rucker, AL 36362-5000. Not less than 1,000 hours first-pilot time, which must include 300 hours in CH47

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