AFNC - Events/Workshop Planner

locationMaxwell - Alabama (AL),

atTechnology, Automation, and Management, Inc.

Estimated salary $55,000 a year ++

Job Description:

The requirements attached to this task encompass support that creates, executes, and provides support for all the non-academic, non-executive elements of an internal and/or external AWC/AFNC event, workshop planning, execution and/or project as determined by the Government.
3.1.1. For managing AWC/AFNC-sponsored events, workshop and/or projects, the Contractor will provide overall management support for these periodic events as directed by Government. (A003) Responsible for contacting, inviting, scheduling, and tracking the participants involved in each event/workshop/project. Creating, coordinating, and providing overall management support regarding all aspects of the event/workshop/project agenda with the appropriate AFNC faculty. Create, plan, coordinate (with parties both internal and external to AWC/AFNC), and manage all aspects of site logistics

to include hotel reservations; ordering/managing the meal services; arrange for/ monitor transportation; assure site and personnel security; reserve, schedule, equip, and manage appropriate meeting space (to include audio visual, technology and remote participation); organize, create and perform event, workshop and/or project notetaking and memorializing. Create and maintain post-workshop/event/project contact lists as well as the post-workshop/event/project management and distribution of deliverables/products to the Government as requested. Integrate these contact lists into the AWC/AFNC Outreach programs as determined by Government.

  • 5 years of experience (minimum) in conference
  • Must be certified in Microsoft Office Suite, or perform at that level of proficiency
  • Bachelors' degree required

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