Lifelong Learning Coordinator

locationCarbondale - Colorado (CO),

atValley Settlement

Estimated salary $4,379 a month

Job Description:

DESCRIPTION: The Coordinatorwill be committed to developing relationships with the students and providingthem constructive feedback to help them improve and grow. The Coordinator willbe understanding and attentive to student needs, inside and outside of theclassroom, and have a passion for the education field.

DUTIESAND RESPONSIBILITIES, include but not limited to:

  • Track attendance and create action plan with those students who have numerous absences, such as home visits, meetings, etc.
  • Lesson plan and lead teach at least one course per trimester
  • Assist with promotion, recruitment and enrollment
  • Share feedback with teachers and program manager regarding student feedback, interest, community trends, etc.
  • Maintain student files, other community engagement, including other VS program participation
  • Coordinate with community agencies to add value to student experience and networking
  • Coordinate space rentals and partner agency agreements with program manager
  • Manage all program technology and equipment
  • Coordinate communication with students outside of the classroom to help further support and engage students in other aspects of their lives, including home
  • Act as a support to students when seeking outside connections with agencies
  • Attend staff and weekly meetings with the program team
  • Coordinate the ordering of program supplies
  • Coordinate student field trips, outside of class time
  • Participate in VS program tours
  • Refer students to Family Support Team, as needed
  • Submit periodic written reports to program manager on program activities

  • MinimumRequirements

    • Degree in education and/ or other related program management
    • Proficient in the following computer programs: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Google Documents
    • Strong skills verbal and writing in Spanish and English
    • Believe in personal growth (It refers to training, courses, and classes)
    • Be a good listener and having critical thinking and reliable
    • Be a leader, build community and trust with the students
    • Compassionate, enthusiastic, and respectful
    • Positive Attitude and patient
    • Work as a team and independently
    • Schedule availability and time management
    • Maintain professional image and respect with schools and community
    • Initiative
    • Have a valid driver’s license

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