Airport Electronic-Electrical Equipment Technician 1 (Mainte...

Miami - Florida (FL),

Miami-Dade County

Job Description:

Minimum Qualifications

Eighth grade. One year of experience in the repair, maintenance, operation, and monitoring of a building automation system such as HVAC controls and security systems, passenger loading bridges, baggage systems motor controls, computer technology or electronic control system technology is required. Must possess a CDL/Class B, or must provide proof of successfully passing the written portion of the CDL/Class B within six months of the probationary period and
obtain a CDL/Class B driver license within the probationary period. Must be able to work a permanent or rotating shift schedule to include nights, weekends and holidays. Applicants qualifying for employment with the Miami-Dade Aviation Department will be subject to extensive screening to include, but not limited to, fingerprint checks, employment verification, and other such procedures as may be mandated by federal law. The security clearance required by the federal law is a continuing condition of employment.

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