Succession and Acquisition Consultant

Saint Petersburg - Florida (FL),


Job Description:


Job Summary:

Use extensive knowledge and skills obtained through education and experience to manage the process of business succession plan implementation for a ICD independent branch owners affiliated with RJFS. Work independently with minimal supervision in conjunction with branch office owners, ICD regional management teams and PCG/RJFS recruiting consultants to assist the branch owners in the process of selecting and , when necessary, affiliating successor owners. In the process, counsel and assist branch owners in the creation of a practice sales agreement including guidance on the market value of their business, any financing that may be required and other key terms and conditions of the ownership transfer. Also assist ICD branch owners in acquiring other independent practices as well as finding and affiliating financial advisors approaching retirement seeking to sell their practices. Performance to be evaluated for achieving specified results.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Consults with branch owners on practice growth alternatives for maximizing the value of their practices upon retirement, death or disability.
  • Coordinate the preparation of branch organization market value reports and review with ICD branch owners the valuation estimates against benchmark valuations for similar independently owned and operated investment practices.
  • Assist ICD branch owners in conducting detailed due diligence reviews of potential acquisition practices and counsel the owners on concerns or potential challenges associated with potential acquisition candidates based on the due diligence data.
  • Prepare and present practice acquisition financing proposals to the Raymond James Financial Services (RJFS) acquisition financing committee.
  • Assist ICD branch owners seeking to sell their practices in finding potential purchasers, both within the ICD branch network as well as in the FID branch network or the RJA-PCG branch system.
  • Perform duties in a highly professional manner to address and resolve conflicts or issues that arise in any and all consulting engagements with ICD branch owners to facilitating a positive working relationship between the field and home office.
  • Stay current with securities industry trends and regulations.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

  • Company’s working structure, policies, mission, and strategies.
  • General office practices,
procedures, and methods.
  • Concepts, practices and procedures of the securities industry.
  • The independent contractor sector in the securities industry.
  • Business succession plan structures
  • Business acquisition analysis and valuation procedures
  • Practice management tenets and processes

  • Skill in:

    • Operating standard office equipment and using required software applications to produce correspondence, reports, electronic communication, spreadsheets, and databases.
    • Effectively communicating with the ICD branch owners and other internal as well as external parties in a manner that ensures clear understanding of all facts and alternatives.
    • Gathering and analyzing detailed financial information and data.
    • High order reasoning and decision-making to make prudent recommendations.
    • Detail orientation to ensure the accuracy of reports, correspondence and databases.

    Ability to:

    • Organize, prioritize, manage, and track multiple detailed tasks and assignments, including those delegated, to complete work efficiently.
    • Work effectively in a team environment where projects will be assigned and completed with interaction and coordination with other team members.
    • Independently manage and complete multiple projects and tasks.
    • Maintain currency in investment advisor and/or financial planner services and products.
    • Use appropriate interpersonal styles and communicate effectively and professionally, both orally and in writing, with all organizational levels.
    • Establish and communicate clear directions and priorities.
    • Make professional presentations to individuals and large groups.
    • Use mathematics sufficient to analyze numerical data, ratios among percentages and rates of change in trend analysis.
    • Provide a high level of customer service.

    Educational/Previous Experience Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s Degree (B.A) from four-year college or university with a minimum of three (3) years of securities industry experience, including direct interaction with Financial Advisors.
    • An equivalent combination of experience, education, and/or training as approved by Human Resources.


    • SIE required provided that an exemption or grandfathering cannot be applied.
    • Series 7 License.
    • Series 24 or 9 and 10 License as appropriate for assigned functional area or ability to obtain within six (6) month.

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