Customer Service Representative

locationTampa - Florida (FL), 33607

atAshley Furniture Homestore

Estimated salary $12.09 an hour

Job Description:

The Customer Service Representative is responsible for providing exceptional service to internal and external customers primarily via phone and email. This position works closely with sales, supply chain planning, credit, transportation, distribution and other team members to ensure that customer orders, deliveries and questions are dealt with in the most professional manner. The Customer Service Representative will negotiate with customers, marketing specialists and/or other departments as needed to resolve issues and ensure all allocated product is delivered as scheduled.
Customer Service Representatives are also responsible for addressing and resolving customer problems, issues and concerns in a matter that is satisfactory for the customer as well as the company, while keeping customer retention top of mind.
The Customer Service Representative will maintain prompt, efficient and accurate data entry to ensure customer satisfaction. This position will exhibit superior customer service by gaining profound knowledge of product and vendor warranties, as well as a broad understanding of customer service philosophy. This position will provide support and assistance to internal and external customers and have the ability to be self-motivated and to be persuasive with customers, while keeping customer satisfaction as a guiding factor.
The Customer Service Representative must have the skills and ability to keep emotions under control in order to seamlessly move from one situation to the next.

  • Professionally communicate with internal and external customers throughout the business day using a variety of methods while simultaneously using the computer to check on orders, delivery information, product availability and other information as requested by the customer.
  • Enter, post, process and manage customer orders for finished goods and replacement parts according to standard operating procedures. Cancel partial or complete orders as requested by customers or as needed due to discontinuation of items. Manage and maintain orders to ensure replacements, shortages, below minimums, discontinued items, must
ship complete orders, crossed items/orders and others are all addressed and handled appropriately to ensure a clean order base.
  • Collaborate with customers and marketing specialists on product returns, negotiate to try to get customer to keep, or issue return authorization as needed. For returned items, work with other customers and marketing specialists to resell product to prevent the return of product to the distribution center.
  • Select orders to organize full-truckload and partial deliveries. Schedule product pick-ups and deliveries to ensure continuous flow of ordered and allocated product from our distribution center to the customers in the most timely and efficient manner. Contact customer to schedule deliveries and/or advise of product deliveries. Negotiate with customers, marketing specialists and/or other departments as needed to ensure all allocated product is delivered and/or picked up as scheduled.
  • Address and handle internal and external customer issues, concerns and inquiries in the most professional manner. Quickly make decisions to assist customers and solve problems based upon generally established guidelines with understanding that on rare occasions, it may be necessary to make exceptions. Follow-up as needed to ensure completion, resolution and customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure customer information such as contact information, address, phone number, delivery availability, etc., is accurate and current; update customers’ delivery availability regularly to account for holiday, seasonal and other changes.
  • Develop and maintain a good understanding of product knowledge to ensure product is ordered correctly to complete sets as the customer requires. This information constantly evolves requiring continuous learning to be able to provide correct information to customers.
  • Effectively move from one call to the next treating each caller as if they are the most important person at that moment. Provide them with undivided attention and assistance. When difficult situations arise, leave them behind when moving on to the next customer.
  • Demonstrate the Company’s Core and Growth Values in the performance of all job functions.
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