Ground Operations Supervisor

locationAtlanta - Georgia (GA),


Estimated salary $15 an hour

Job Description:

Veho's mission is to revolutionize the world of package delivery by creating exceptional experiences for customers and drivers. We are deeply value-driven and care tremendously about investing in people. We are committed to creating a diverse team and an environment that provides everyone with the opportunity to do the work of their lifetime.

As a Ground Operations Supervisor at Veho, you will be primarily responsible for managing the day to day ground operation of the market. You will develop a deep understanding of the local operation, including the pickup schedule, sort operation, and driver launch, and be expected to maintain team budgets, schedules and payroll exceptions, and report on weekly key performance indicators.

You will support the operation in real time, making critical decisions that are outside the scope of responsibility of the teammates you support. And as you solve problems in real time, you will improve processes to ensure they only have to be solved once. You will have a robust understanding of the tools that make your local operation successful, including how they cross functionally with the dispatch and driver teams, and will ensure full accountability of every package in your market.

As a team manager, you will be responsible for the personal and professional development of associates and leads on your team, and will help teach them the skills necessary to be successful in the operation while listening to their aspirations and helping prepare them for growth. You will set the standard for operational excellence, and ensure your teammates understand and execute on the Veho vision.

Desired skillset

  • Passionate about joining a top-tier early stage startup that aims to build the next powerhouse of logistics technology.
  • Never satisfied with the status-quo and always works to improve things.
  • Has 1+ years of experience managing people and processes with a high standard of
excellence and low margin for error.
  • Possess strong attention to detail, insistence on thorough accountability, and rigorous systems mindset.
  • A process improver, and will see and correct inefficiencies and ensure all teammates not only understand but are aligned with those changes.
  • Numbers driven, has proven experience setting and following success metrics, analyzing data and communicating decisions that are rooted in numbers.
  • Empathetic leader, cares deeply about the success of their teammates and goes above and beyond to support them.
  • Has stamina, and will dig deep when the operation is challenging.
  • Very receptive to feedback, but is discerning and will push back if you do not understand or agree.
  • Has a bias to action; decides and acts fast, but has a habit of reflection after the fact.
  • A team player, able to communicate clearly and concisely with your team to accomplish goals.
  • Has prior experience in a startup, growing company, or other environment where you rapidly developed and iterated on processes.
  • About Veho
    Powered by the latest technology, Veho replaces the old delivery trucks with a fleet of crowdsourced drivers and a network of hyper-local distribution centers. We are building the all-in-one logistics platform of the future, which quickly delivers every package and helps ecommerce brands provide an incredible customer experience.

    Veho is backed by early investors in Lyft and Instacart; three former public company CEOs; and top top leaders from Uber, Amazon, FedEx and UPS. We are scaling rapidly around the country and are serving some of the most recognized consumer brands such as Warby Parker and Hello Fresh. We are a team of leaders who are passionate about building an incredible company that will change the face of this industry.

    Veho is a Techstars company, winner of the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition, with offices in San Francisco, New York and Denver.

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