Head Lifeguard (Seasonal)

Leawood - Kansas (KS),

Leawood, Kansas

$11 an hour

Job Description:

Summary / Objective

The Head Lifeguard maintains safety at the pool facility, corrects infractions by patrons of the pool, and assists in keeping the swimming facility Clean. Serves as a liaison between the management staff and the lifeguards. Essential Functions / Responsibilities
~ Responsible for facilitating the opening and closing duties of the lifeguards.
~ Responsible for ensuring the required number of lifeguards are on duty; duties include but are not limited to overseeing lifeguard rotation changes, monitoring and updating the lifeguard when-to-work schedule and maintaining necessary paperwork.
~ May conduct on the job informal training and coaching for lifeguards in order to assess their skills and determine areas that are in need of improvement.
~ Assists the Pool Manager and Aquatics & Special Events Supervisor in conducting and maintaining the attendance of in-services throughout the summer season.
~ Rescues distressed patrons in emergencies, using rescue techniques and equipment. Applies first aid to those in need and contact emergency medical personnel in serious situations.
~ Responsible for ensuring the overall safety of the aquatic center on a day-to-day basis including inspecting the pool equipment, pump room, cleanliness of the facility and overall safety.
~ Wears approved attire at all times.
~ Reports to scheduled work shifts on time.
~ Attends required meeting and training sessions.
~ Assists with the daily opening and closing of the aquatic center.
~ Employee may be asked by the supervisor or acting supervisor to perform other duties that are not listed but are essential to the job. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Minimum Qualifications / Requirements - · ~ Ability to work independently, as part of a team, and with the public.
~ Ability to use safe work practices while on the job.
~ Ability to protect and maintain confidentiality of information.
~ Ability to prioritize work and meet deadlines with effective results.
~ Ability to read, write, and understand the English language with proper spelling and grammar to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
~ Ability to make decisions in the best interest of both the patron and the city.
~ Ability to work under pressure and maintain steady communication.
~ Ability to make rational decisions efficiently during variable and sometime stressful conditions, including the ability to calmly interact with the public and other City personnel.
~ Ability to respond to emergencies, changes and directives effectively.
~ Standard office procedures, systems, and practices including the use of a computer and computer software.
~ Ability to work non-traditional business hours, including some evenings and weekends.
~ Must have adequate environmental tolerance, including the ability to work in high temperatures and confining work spaces. Education, Training and Certification Requirements - ~ A minimum of a High school diploma or equivalent.
~ Must have a minimum of one (1) year experience working as a lifeguard.
~ Must currently hold or be able to obtain a CPR Certificate, First Aid Certificate and Lifeguard Training Certificate. Additional Information
This position is exempt from overtime rules and will be paid the hourly rate if worked over 40 hours a week.

Post-Offer Testing / On-Going Standards



Aptitude Assessment / Skills Testing

Background Investigation


Credit Report Review

Drug Screening / Breath Alcohol Testing


Medical Evaluation / Essential Functions

Motor Vehicle Records Search

Polygraph Examination

Psychological Evaluation

Please view the entire job description including the General Aptitudes and Physical Requirements here.
Application Special Instructions
If you are interested in more than one position, a completed
application will need to be submitted for each position.
If you are wanting to apply for Lifeguard and Head Lifeguard, you will need to submit an applicant for both positions.

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