Juvenile Corrections Off I(A)

Shawnee County - Kansas (KS),

The State of Kansas

Estimated salary $18.26 an hour

Job Description:

Important Recruitment Information for this vacancy

  • Job Posting closes: 01/07/2020

Agency Information:

Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex

1430 NW 25th Street

Topeka KS 66618

About the Position

  • Who can apply: Anyone who meets the minimum qualifications

  • Classified/Unclassified Service: Classified

  • Full-Time/Part-Time: Full-Time

  • Regular/Temporary: Regular

  • Work Schedule: May Vary

  • Eligible to Receive Benefits: Yes

  • Veterans' Preference Eligible: Yes

  • Search Keywords: Corrections, Juvenile, Officer


Hourly: $18.26

Yearly: $37,980.80

  • Salary can vary depending upon education, experience, or qualifications.

Employment Benefits

  • Comprehensive medical, mental, dental, vision, and additional coverage

  • Sick & Vacation leave

  • Work-Life Balance programs: parental leave, military leave, jury leave, funeral leave

  • Paid State Holidays (designated by the Governor annually)

  • Fitness Centers in select locations

  • Employee discounts with the STAR Program

  • Retirement and deferred compensation programs

Position Summary & Responsibilities

Position Summary:

The Juvenile Corrections Officer I is responsible for assuring that offenders at Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex (KJCC) are provided oversight and structure through the supervision of their daily routine in order to maintain appropriate productivity and progress on individual, group, facility, and agency outcomes. Staff model behavior for the offenders to increase their accountability, competency development and reintegration techniques. Support is provided to the Juvenile Corrections Officer I through a structured chain of command.

Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:

This position rotates duty posts as specified by facility operations orders and in accordance with the Teamsters Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). Actual percentage and duty as evaluated may vary due to rotation and post assignments. Percentages are taken as an average conditioned by on-going rotation. Staff employed in Juvenile Correction Officer/Specialist positions are required to stay at their post until properly relieved and are required to return to duty when recalled during emergency situations.

Supervise, maintain discipline and control of offenders in their living quarters, at meals, in classrooms, at work sites, activities and program areas, bathing areas; while they are being escorted throughout the facility and off grounds as necessary. Closely monitor offenders segregated for punitive, protective and administrative purposes. Remain alert and attentive at all times. Counsel with offenders to ensure compliance with the Behavior Management System and assist with their needs.

Supervise movement of offenders by alert observation to maintain a secure and controlled environment. All offender movement throughout the facility and off grounds is achieved by officer escort procedures. Conduct offender counts before, during and after escort to maintain security. Ensure offenders know, understand, and comply with the rules and regulations and enforce consequences for rule violations. Monitor deviations in offender conduct and behavior to prevent disturbances or escapes. Report incidents or behaviors that deviate from the offender’s general profile or that could cause an immediate problem.

Provide exterior and interior checks of all facility buildings during the shift to ensure the buildings are secure and that no unauthorized persons are inside. Patrol perimeter area either by foot or patrol vehicle in order to observe areas for violation of laws and regulations. Conduct searches for contraband in areas of responsibility, including the offenders, buildings and vehicles, to prevent the introduction of contraband and fabrication of weapons.


  • Education: High School Diploma or G.E.D
  • Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must be 21 years of age at time of appointment.
  • High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  • Valid drivers license
  • Free of felony convictions or adjudication, whether or not expunged,
  • Free of any felony or misdemeanor domestic violence crime
  • Free of conviction or adjudication by a court of law or court-martial, of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year (whether or not the sentence was imposed).
  • Free of conviction as an adult of Driving Under the Influence (or comparable law regarding driving while intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance) in the past 24 months.
  • Free of conviction or adjudication of a misdemeanor involving drug use or possession in the past 60 months
  • Free of any criminal charges, indictments or outstanding warrants pending.
  • Candidate must take and pass a drug screening test approved by Office of Personnel Services unless the incumbent is moving from one
safety-sensitive position to another safety-sensitive position within the same agency performing substantially similar duties.
  • Successful completion of a physical agility test and written assessment administered by the facility
  • Must complete TB screening process
    • Preferred Qualifications:

    Ability to deal effectively with juvenile offenders in a highly structured environment, and apply training and knowledge to various settings and situations within the agency complex. An ability to develop positive interactions with others, and to work with others as a team is required. Previous experience in law enforcement, criminal justice, or coursework in these areas may be helpful. Those with prior military experience are also encouraged to apply.

    To be successful, the expectation is that a candidate will be able to competently perform the routine tasks of the position with limited supervision by the end of the probation period (12 months).

    • Post-Offer, Pre-employment Requirements:

    • Successful completion of a physical agility test and written assessment administered by the facility

    • Candidate must take and pass a drug screening test approved by Office of Personnel Services unless the incumbent is moving from one safety-sensitive position to another safety-sensitive position within the same agency performing substantially similar duties
    • Candidate must also pass a compete background check, including the Kansas Department for Children and Families Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry

    Recruiter Contact Information

    Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex

    1430 NW 25th Street

    Topeka KS 66618

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    How to Claim Veterans Preference

    Veterans' Preference Eligible (VPE): Former military personnel or their spouse that have been verified as a "veteran"; under K.S.A. 73-201 will receive an interview if they meet the minimum competency factors of the position. The veterans' preference laws do not guarantee the veteran a job. Positions are filled with the best qualified candidate as determine by the hiring manager.

    Equal Employment Opportunity

    The State of Kansas is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We value diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential elements that create and foster a welcoming workplace. All qualified persons will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, political affiliation, disability or any other factor unrelated to the essential functions of the job.

    If you wish to identify yourself as a qualified person with a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act and would like to request an accommodation, please address the request to the agency recruiter.

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