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Operator - Hyd RT Crane

Gramercy - Louisiana (LA),

Cajun Industries, LLC

Job Description:

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The Operator for hydraulic, rough terrain crane should be certified and have the ability to operate at least one or all of the equipment listed: 15 ton hydraulic crane, 18 ton hydraulic crane, 35 ton hydraulic crane, 50 ton hydraulic crane, 65 ton hydraulic crane, and friction rig. Must learn and understand all safety hazards related to the work and learn to safely and effectively use or operate work related tools and equipment. Will be required to work in a plant operations or construction jobsite setting.


  • The following are intended as general illustrations of the work in this job class and are not all-inclusive for this position.

  • Read and interpret load charts
  • Interpret hand signals to determine where materials are to be placed
  • Perform minor maintenance or cleaning activities for tools and equipment
  • Perform daily inspections on equipment including checking fluids, refueling, adding fluids, and assessing component wear
  • Report malfunctioning equipment to supervisors
  • Assist other craft workers as needed

  • Must be able to push/pull, lift, or carry up to 50 lbs., but may occasionally push/pull, lift, or carry up to 100 lbs.
  • Subject to repetitive use of hands/arms, and legs
  • Hand/eye coordination, depth perception important
  • Must be able to drive cars, trucks, forklifts, and other equipment
  • Must be able to communicate (hear, comprehend, and speak) to safely perform work
  • Will need to be able to perform sedentary to heavy work
  • May operate hand and power tools (electric, gas, and pneumatic) of all types
  • Climb and maintain balance on steel/wood framework, stairs, ladders, scaffolds, and equipment
  • Required to use hands to grasp, lift, handle, carry or feel objects on a frequent basis
  • Position may require prolonged bending/twisting, walking, crawling, kneeling, reaching overhead, squatting, pushing /pulling, or standing and lifting
  • Must be able to walk on uneven surfaces, muddy conditions, loose rock, loose/soft sand, etc.
  • May be required to work in confined spaces
  • Will be exposed to adverse weather conditions (Heat, Cold, Rain, Etc.)
  • Must have the ability to communicate effectively with management/ supervision
  • Talking, reading & writing comprehension is necessary for giving and receiving directions to perform work and/or safety policy
  • Work at various tempos, and concentrate amid distractions
  • Decision making skills necessary
  • Detail-oriented; must be able to remember, examine, and observe details

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