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New Orleans - Louisiana (LA),

Tulane University

Job Description:

The Psychometrist position is responsible for administering and scoring psychological test batteries for the Center for Sport at Tulane University, including programming related to the Trust Brain and Body / Milestone Wellness Assessment powered by the NFLPA and the Veterans Brain Health Center at Tulane University Medical Center. Evaluates cognitive, academic, neuropsychological, behavioral, and emotional status including those patients which are difficult, complex or have disorders in a specialty, in order to assist Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, and other medical professionals in treatment decisions.

The position must administer standardized testing appropriate to determine the localization of brain lesions, ability to return to work/school after injury or illness, appropriate academic placement, learning disability, and other treatment decisions. Provides technical support to Psychologists on specialty teams and clinical research projects. Provides clinical, departmental, and professional leadership within the department.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Proficiency in administering psychometric testing

  • Ability to work collaboratively with the Program Director, all faculty, fellows, and staff members in an academic medical center

  • Excellent organization skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Ability to work with high profile patients and program partners professionally and with discretion

Required Education and/or Experience
  • Bachelor's degree and two years' experience in psychometric testing and assessments program

  • Certification of Board of Certified Psychometrist

Preferred Qualifications
  • Master's degree in Psychology or Statistics

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