Manufacturing - People and Operations Associate

Boston - Massachusetts (MA),

Nanoramic Laboratories

Job Description:

As a POA, you will be assigned to a team to help increase their efficiency and you will become a fully integrated member of this team. This will be 80% of your workload. The other 20% of your time will be allocated to people-related projects surrounding recruitment, employee engagement, and culture at a company-wide level. The POAs focus is on providing structure and rituals in line with company culture and removing blockers from within their teams. This is a support role housed within the People and Operations Department with an opportunity to grow into a more senior people operations role.

The focus of this position is working with others, building and maintaining relationships, and working closely and accurately within established guidelines. There is a need for an effective communicator, someone who is able to stimulate and motivate others while being aware of and responsive to their needs and concerns. The person in this position must be friendly and genuinely interested in the business, agenda, and needs of others, including the company, its management, the team, the company's customers, or all of the above.

A persuasive, teaching style of communication is required to communicate the company's policies, programs, and systems. A faster-than-average pace will be the norm for this position. Detail work is a major focus of the job, and those details need to be handled quickly, correctly, and efficiently. In this role, the work must be done on time, as well as correctly. In general, this is a position where guidelines, structure, and established policies must be followed fairly closely.


  • Train teams on agile practices you are essentially this team's Scrum master, keeping them on track and removing blockers
  • Enforce agile framework within your assigned team
  • Monitor and maintain financial responsibility within your team ensure your team tracks revenue, time and costs of projects and compares to budgets
  • Remove "efficiency blockers" and enable teams to operate within agile practices and company protocols/culture
  • Continuously improve the practices and infrastructure for organizational development within your team
    • ex: Develop a system that allows the Manufacturing Team to reduce the time they spend on one task / create a process to decrease the amount of steps and approvals needed in processing a Non-disclosure Agreement for the Legal Team
  • Identify areas where process and policy can be improved within your team, aligned with our company practice of continuous improvement
  • Make sure every employee has the tools they need to perform their job at a high level of performance
  • Enable and Monitor effectiveness of communication between your team and the rest of the company
  • Assist in misc. administrative tasks to enable your team to succeed
  • Schedule video and in-person interviews for job applicants applying for jobs within your assigned team / follow up with hiring team to progress candidates through the pipeline
  • You are a culture expert and a culture enabler train teams to get up to proficient in living, breathing and knowing our protocols, rituals and culture like the back of their hands
  • Train new employees on how to use all of our software applications
  • Communicate and work with Admin Assistant to ensure desk space is available for new hires and equipment to set up / desk is all set for new hires first day
  • Assist with continuously updating our LMS trainings and implementing new learning and development initiatives on an operational level within your assigned team
  • Assist in facilitation of community involvement/ volunteer outreach / education days / Lunch & Learns / all-company meetings
  • You will be a member of the Continuous Education Board - tasked with evaluating and assigning a point value to continuous education and learning submissions from employee's company-wide
  • Management and Organization of "Fireside Chats" - our internal video campaign which communicates our values, mission, and vision throughout the company / also clarifies processes and strategic intent throughout the organization
  • Manage implementation of company-wide annual training
  • Assist in submitting of POs for team-related activities
  • Assist in scheduling of internal or external meetings for your team
  • Support managers to define roles, responsibilities, required skills and behavioral traits in a structured way
  • Help execute recruitment campaigns
  • Help onboarding all new employees
  • Monitor employee engagement, address areas for improvement and develop new initiatives based on employee feedback
  • Enable and monitor employee roadmap management within your team
  • Enable and monitor the practice of core values and Nanoramic culture within your team

Manufacturing Team Projects

  • Managing communication between Manufacturing and Technology teams
  • Mitigating manufacturing risks
  • Increasing efficiency in manufacturing process
  • Project = determine yield
  • Anything related to mfg teams processes / procedures


  • Each day different from the next; especially in personal interactions
  • Fast-paced environment, multiple projects going simultaneously
  • Very socially-focused; requires "how can I help you?" attitude
  • Lots of attention spent on building and maintaining relationships, especially where helping, not pressuring, others fosters the relationship
  • Adherence to established guidelines and procedures is important
  • Important to involve others in decision-making; there is a need to build consensus rather than make decisions alone
  • Open, flowing communication is important
  • Team environment: must be willing to jump in and roll up his/her sleeves to help out when necessary. Need someone who leads by example
  • Strong follow-up necessary on tasks delegated to ensure proper results


  • You must be a college graduate with at least a Bachelor's degree and 1 year of experience. Will consider internship and club activities from recent college graduates as experience.
  • We are open to diverse work experience/backgrounds. Mainly we care about your attitude and your aptitude to learn- the rest we can teach you!

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