Community Preservation Program Manager

Newton - Massachusetts (MA), 02459

City of Newton, MA

$72,058 - $74,220 a year

Job Description:

This position is responsible for all aspects of implementing the Massachusetts Community Preservation Act (MGL Ch. 44B, “CPA”) in Newton. The program manager advises and supports Newton’s nine-member all-volunteer Community Preservation Committee (“CPC”) but also works collaboratively with other City agencies and departments, community organizations, and the general public.

The program manager’s responsibilities for program planning, management and evaluation include: advising the CPC and managing public participation in updating Newton’s Community Preservation Plan and other funding guidelines or requirements; managing program finances, including proposing the annual program budget for CPC and City Council approval, submitting required annual reports to the state, and publishing additional financial reports for the CPC and the public; and ensuring wide public notice and distribution of documents for public meetings, hearings and projects. The program manager assists funding applicants in navigating Newton’s CPA funding process while also supporting the critical evaluation of funding requests and project results by the CPC and City Council, supporting effective problem-solving and accurate reporting by the managers of funded projects, overseeing the release of project funds, and evaluating project results.

Newton’s CPA program has been seen as a model by other cities and towns in Massachusetts. This position’s core responsibility is ensuring continued public support for the program by maintaining its cumulative reputation for fairness, transparency and accountability.

  • Ensure that Newtons CPA program complies with all requirements of the Community Preservation Act (MGL Ch. 44B) and regulations of the state Department of Revenue, including for minimum and allowable uses of CPA funds, reports to qualify for funding, etc.
  • Through Newton’s membership in the statewide Community Preservation Coalition and independently, track CPA amendments, attend conferences for the CPC, exchange best practices, etc.
  • Advise the Executive Office and other City boards & commissions on appointments to the CPC, advise the CPC and City Council on periodic updates to Newton’s CPA ordinance, etc.
  • This position has primary responsibility for designing and managing Newton’s CPA program budget and Fund, which currently includes approximately $4 million in annual new local and state revenue and $10-$20 million in the combination of available fund balances and current funding commitments at any one time.
  • Draft and present annual budget for CPC and City Council approval; Manage CPC’s annual administrative and operating budget, routine and special expenditures, consultants, etc.
  • Design, publish online and regularly update financial reports to support CPC decision making and to inform the City Council, City departments, and the public, including: Pending Proposals, Active Projects, Currently Available Funds, etc.
  • Ensure that Newton’s CPA program continues to exceed state requirements for public meetings and public records, Respond to inquiries and initiate presentations to community organizations, the general public, City departments and the City Council.
  • Advise the CPC in both enforcing and adapting the program’s requirements, including handling incomplete submissions and special requests, and assist sponsors in preparing pre-proposals, etc.
  • Recommend and commission CPC-approved consultant reports or proposal evaluations, including appraisals, advise the CPC on the proposal’s compliance with CPA and CPC requirements, provide talking points and additional information to request, etc.
  • During the Council’s review, advise proposal sponsors and the CPC as the primary presenters; as needed, answer questions from Councilors.
  • Work with the City Law Dept. to resolve legal questions and create and enforce required legal documents, including grant agreements, contracts, loans, mortgages, and deed restrictions, etc., approve minor changes in project scope but refer major changes for approval by the CPC and/or City Council, and advise the CPC in responding to requests for extensions or revised funding conditions, etc.

  • Master's or other post-graduate degree in public policy, public administration, planning, public finance, or another field related to one or more of the resources eligible for CPA funding: affordable housing, historic resources, open space and recreation land.
  • A minimum of 5-7 years of work experience in this field, previous familiarity with the Community Preservation Act is highly desirable.
  • Experience evaluating competitive submissions for funding or other awards, either in government or the private sector; candidates must have a demonstrated commitment to the fairness and transparency required to ensure continued public support for Newtons CPA program.
  • Experience working with citizen advisory committees (in government) or boards of directors (in nonprofit organizations), state and City officials, local non-profit and neighborhood organizations.
  • Policy, planning or project management experience and familiarity with non-CPA funding sources for at least one, and preferably more than one, of the resources eligible for CPA funding; candidates must have a demonstrated capacity to master information sources and standards for the other resources and to avoid favoring their own prior specialties when advising the CPC and responding to funding requests.
  • Experience hiring and supervising consultants, part-time or temporary staff, and interns.
  • Experience with budget design and analysis.
  • Exceptional skills in written and oral communication, research and analysis, including ability read and draft legal documents and to design and produce financial reports.
  • Ability to identify, evaluate and apply core information resources and standards for all CPA-eligible resources.
  • Ability to work effectively in a political environment.
  • Organization, initiative and judgement, to prioritize multiple, simultaneous tasks.
  • Experience designing and using spreadsheets (Excel or equivalent); word processing; presentations (PowerPoint or equivalent); html/website editing and content management.
  • Flexibility to attend night meetings or events several times a month, plus occasional weekend events.

  • City Retirement (Mandatory)
  • Deferred 457 Plans (Optional)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Insurance
  • Metro Credit Union
  • Tuition Reimbursement

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