Social Worker- Child and Family Services

Minnesota - Minnesota (MN),

Olmsted County, MN

Job Description:

Bachelor's or Master's degree from an accredited college or university.

Regular and reliable attendance is a necessary component of job/position. Individuals required to use County vehicles and equipment must have a valid driver's license and be free of any major traffic violations for the last three (3) years.

Desirable Qualifications:
Two years of social service related experience.
Nature of Work: Under general supervision of a program manager or supervisor, the Family Support Team social worker's primary responsibility will be to increase our primary prevention efforts with families of color, with children from birth to 5 years to prevent the occurrence of negative educational outcomes. We will begin to identify low income families of color, if possible, prior to enrollment in preschool and kindergarten. Many of the families will have already experienced aspects of disproportionality in the form of being homeless or having unstable or precarious housing; having lacked access to routine, preventive health care; have been unemployed or marginally employed. In line with this, a second aspect of the position will be to assist clients, particularly minority clients to develop career goals and plans and to help them access employment resources, such as, specific job training, budgeting and financial planning or a program to enhance soft skills, etc. This person will deliver a cognitive-behavioral curriculum and provide on-going support through the transition to a career pathway.
Examples of Work:
  • Conducts interview and make home visits to identify needs, challenges and strengths of individuals or families
  • Counsels individual clients in group, family counseling or individual counseling to explore, identify, resolve, prevent or control issues and challenges
  • Advise clients of possible resources, rights, and responsibilities under programs or services
  • Facilitates Healing Circles with mothers who have experienced trauma
  • Facilitate and deliver cognitive-behavioral curriculum around the change process and developing career goals
  • Refers clients to other programs or agencies when appropriate
  • Develops and writes individual and family treatment plans to treat identified challenges
  • Works with natural supports and family group decision making
  • Prepares correspondence reports and social histories and maintains case records in accordance with state, federal and local guidelines

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
  • Knowledge of family-based services/family dynamics/ family group conferencing
  • Knowledge of child protection and child welfare programs and services
  • Knowledge of mental health programs and services
  • Thorough knowledge of principles, methods and techniques of social work
  • Knowledge of and ability to facilitate trauma informed healing circles
  • Knowledge of disparities and disproportionality affecting African-Americans, Africans and other people of color.
  • Considerable knowledge of human growth and development
  • Considerable knowledge of the use of community resources
  • Knowledge of social and economic problems
  • Knowledge of federal and state social services programs and laws
  • Knowledge of agency policies
  • Knowledge of diverse cultures
  • Ability to use counseling techniques effectively on an individual, family, or group basis
  • Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with clients, co-workers, public officials, and citizens of the community
Persons with disabilities: the above is a general listing of job duties. Essential and non-essential functions may vary by individual position. Reasonable accommodations may be available for both essential and non-essential job duties.

Physical Demands and Work Environment:
In compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act, the following represents the Physical and Environmental Demands:
An Equal Opportunity Employer

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