Reporter and Correspondent

Helena - Montana (MT), 59604


Job Description:


Freelance local anchor correspondent in Houston, for European media wanted

We are IndieFrame, a global news platform. Our mission is to help journalists and media around the world, to get closer to the sources, occurring events, and unique content

We offer a platform to post assignments to get footage from news as it happens.

IndieFrame is entering the U.S. market in February 2020, focusing on the upcoming elections. As an IndieFrame Correspondent, you will:

  • Act as a local city correspondent to international media
  • Connect sources in your area
  • Report directly to the national manager

IndieFrame was founded in Denmark, Europe, in 2016 by Cecilia Valsted and Lars Brask, two experienced documentary filmmakers, on a joint quest to create a more diverse and democratic news flow in local and international media. After three years, we now represent more than 70.000 newsagents in 80 countries.

“In a period of time when the power of the media is rapidly changing, and propaganda and alternative facts are spreading, we want to create a more authentic and democratic media image inspired by the people’s perspective.” Cecilia Valsted

We are an independent digital distribution platform that brings the content creator and the media together. Get discovered by the leading media outlets around the world and be assigned to cover breaking stories.

Since the beginning, we have experienced a massive interest from the media outlets that we work with, concerning news from the U.S. election, which is one of the most

significant and influential events in the world. Our platform is ready, so we can jump into the U.S. election now, before it picks up. In this process, we need people on the ground, and this is where you come into the picture.

We want to cover all major cities and capitals, from as many angles as possible. And to do this, we need a local correspondent to catch the assignments that pops up from our European media partners.

So don’t hesitate to write a short application and attach your resume and we will be in touch.

Join us & become a part of a more Authentic and Diverse News Agenda.

What we expect:

We are open to any age or gender. As a company, we want inclusion and support a diverse range of views and opinions, where each individual can bring their whole person into the company.

Experience level:

  • We expect that you have a journalistic education
  • That you have worked with media, written or broadcast news
  • and you have a strong network within your local community


We are in the start of building up our national platform in the U.S., so wherever you are, you can potentially be assigned to investigate or verify events as they happen. So wherever you are, you are in the right place.

Career opportunities:

Now is the first step to get going in North America. You will become one of the first people to join IndieFrame in the US; you will be a part of a movement that will pick up momentum, as more and more people like you will join. As the organization grows, we need to organize to scale the organisation, where leading roles and opportunities will appear.

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