Rio Rancho - New Mexico (NM), 87144

City of Rio Rancho NM

Job Description:

Position Title: Electrical Inspector AF

Department: Development Services

Division: Building Inspection

Reports to: Construction Inspection Supervisor

FLSA Status: non-Exempt

Bargaining Unit: AFSCME

Pay Grade: 20A (additional pay will be provided in accordance with relevant terms set forth in the CBA if an Inspector possesses certifications in multiple disciplines)

Job Status: Permanent, Full-time

Full Time Equivalent: 1.00

Position Summary

The Electrical Inspector inspects new construction and remodel projects on all residential and commercial structures consistent with local, state, and federal building codes and regulations. Inspectors perform electrical inspection activities including inspection of electrical wiring and equipment in and on public and private buildings by visual observation and by use of mechanical testing of equipment to ensure compliance with established international, state and local codes. The inspector performs a full range of electrical inspection assignments and exercises considerable independent judgment in making decisions and interpreting laws, regulations, policies and procedures, and applying them to specific situations.

Education, Training and Experience – minimum required to proficiently perform the job

Education / higher education: High School Graduate or equivalent

Minimum number of years of directly related experience: Three (3) years of certified journeyman level (EE98J) experience in the Electrical trade or the combined experience and educational substitute approved by the State of New Mexico.

Education and/or experience preferences: None

Certifications, Licenses and Registrations

Driver’s License requirement: Frequent Driver - Regular Driver's License Required Endorsements: None

Note - For any driver, driving record must always meet City driving and insurability standards.

Required certifications, licenses or registrations: 1) Prior to appointment, individuals must meet the requirements of the jurisdiction and the state and must obtain a State of New Mexico Electrical Inspector Certification; 2) Each inspector must pass the examinations of a national certifying organization recognized by the State Electrical Bureau within (1) one year of employment and remain current by such certifying organization to maintain state inspector certification. Electrical inspectors shall pass the certification test administered by the ICC, IAEI or other national certifying organization as determined appropriate by the Electrical Bureau. Both Residential and Commercial certifications must be secured within 12 months of hire date; and 3) Any person employed by a municipality as an inspector who holds any contractor’s license or certificate of competence issued by the State, shall, as a condition of employment, surrender the Contractor’s license or certificate of competence to the State to be held in inactive status.

Time given after hire/promotion to obtain certification or licenses: ICC Electrical Inspector certification for both residential and commercial must be obtained within one (1) year of initial hire. ICC Commercial Electrical Inspector certification within one year of employment.

Preferred certifications, licenses or registrations: ICC Residential and/or ICC Commercial certification upon hire. Also prefer individuals who are, or can be, certified in multiple disciplines (i.e., Building or Plumbing/Mechanical).

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required to proficiently perform the job

Knowledge: Knowledge of applicable New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC), the National Electrical Code (NEC), and related laws and regulations. Knowledge of standard practices, principles, processes, tools, equipment, and materials of the applicable construction trade. Knowledge of inspection techniques and practices. Knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions applicable to the work. Knowledge of investigative techniques and methods including code enforcement techniques.

Skills: Must be able to type rapidly and accurately enough to successfully produce documents/spreadsheets, communicate via e-mail, or perform data entry as necessary to accomplish the essential functions of the position. Use of technology, equipment and software typically used in the office environment.

Abilities: Read, interpret, and

apply codes, laws, rules, and regulations relative to the work. Read and interpret construction plans and specifications. Critically observe new construction and/or alterations, obtains accurate data, and prepares reports. Communicate effectively. Meet and deal effectively with others.

Interaction with Groups/Agencies/Entities: Internal: Works with department managers on new construction and remodel projects that may affect City operations. Maintains harmonious, courteous, and understanding relationships, while fostering a collaborative teamwork environment. External: Works with vendors and contractors to ensure new construction and remodeling projects are completed per specifications following local, state, and national building codes and regulations. Presents a friendly, courteous image for the City to the general public, customers, and public officials.

Authorities and Accountabilities

Level of independent decision making: Moderate-incumbent is expected to analyze situations that are not covered by established procedures or instructions and suggest to supervisor a recommended course of action

Budgetary/Financial/Asset accountability: Low - Position is accountable to a Department Director or Division Manager and cannot make major decisions or obligate the City

Span of control: Responsibility for own work (no supervision or leadership expectations)

Essential Functions

The following functions are typical for this position. The omission of specific functions does not exclude them if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment for this position. Other duties may be required and assigned.

  • Inspects new construction, installations, and remodeling projects from inception through completion, insuring that construction complies with all applicable local, state, and national codes.
  • Conduct reviews of construction plans to ensure compliance with applicable codes, standards, and specifications.
  • Reads, interprets and applies codes, laws, rules, and regulations relative to the work.
  • Issues written notices of code violations requiring corrective action and notifies contractors/owners thereof.
  • Gathers evidence and prepares reports on code violation related complaints.
  • Issues stop work orders when required.
  • Assist and advise verbally or in writing, design professionals, contractors and the general public with regard to code compliance.
  • Attends Technical Advisory Committee meetings and similar meeting groups to discuss state and national code requirements.
  • Represents the Building Inspection Division at related meetings, seminars, and conferences.
  • Investigates when appropriate contractors and the employees thereof to ensure that persons doing work are properly qualified/licensed.
  • Testifies at hearings or in court cases related to violations of applicable construction codes.
  • Performs and/or maintains reports, files and written correspondence as required.

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions

Daily activity level: Blend of sedentary and physical work

Physical characteristics: Job requires oral and aural communication; Job requires reading and comprehension of written materials; Job requires normal vision; Must be able to distinguish colors; Must be able to see in dim light; Exposure to high noise levels; Fine finger manipulation; Grasping with hand, gripping; Keystroking or repetitive motion of hands/fingers/arms; Involvement in verbal or physical confrontations; Climbing Ladders; Working at heights (towers, poles, bucket lift);Bending/kneeling/crawling; Lifting/carrying/push/pull up to 49 lbs.; Working while standing for prolonged periods of time; Walking long distances; Job involves driving most of the shift

Exposures: Exposure to excessive amounts of dust, flying particles, toxic vapors, noxious fumes or mists; Exposure to unshielded, live electricity; Working with extremely hot or cold objects; Falling objects could injure feet; Working outside in inclement weather conditions; Violent or dangerous situations that could result in serious injury, psychological damage, or death

Extraordinary working conditions: At times, may inspect energized equipment where high voltages may be present.

Hazardous equipment/machinery used: None

Required personal protective equipment: Safety Glasses with or w/o side shields; Ear Plugs; Protective clothing (i.e., bullet-proof vest, reflective vest, apron); Gloves (incl. Kevlar gloves); Safety boots; Hard hat; Protective gear

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