Shipping Assistant

Mooresville - North Carolina (NC), 28117


Job Description:

We’re hiring again!

We do not need afternoon or weekend help right now. We need someone that can work before 6pm. We can work with your hours if needed, but it needs to be in between 9-6.

  • ️Must be reliable - we need someone that actually wants to work. I do not put up with any slacking, playing around or waisting my time. I don't deal with calling out or being late - its a huge no-no!
  • ️Fast learner - we need you to be pushing out about 40 packages an hour if you’re a shipper. You have got to be quick with little to no mistakes.
  • ️Must be able to work in a fast pace environment - sometimes can be stressful too. Some days its hot, some days we are slammed and you have got to just smile.
  • ️Knowledgeable with Mac computers
& fast typer
  • ️Must be familiar with Facebook, excel, gmail
  • ️Can easily fit right in with our team and our fast growing business and jump in to help wherever needed. I do not tolerate any drama, you have got to love the craziness!

    If you're interested please send an email and resume to [email protected] and I will give you the details.

    Available shifts and compensation: Available shifts all days except Sundays and Saturdays. Compensation is $10.00 - $11.00/hour.

    Learn more about us at WWW.SHOPKAIRAE.COM.

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