Security Manager, Journeyman

Oklahoma City - Oklahoma (OK), 73110

Alion Science and Technology

Job Description:

Job Description

Alion is looking for a qualified Journeyman Security Specialist to support AFLCMC/WWS, Strike Systems Division located at Tinker AFB, OK.

Under the auspices and guidance of the Security Lead, you would assist to ensure protection and safeguarding of SAP activities in the following areas: Program security management, Personnel Security, Information Security, Document control, Physical Security, Security Education and Training and Operations Security (OPSEC). The support is required to provide long-term continuity and security program protection to support unit activities.

Program Security Management Support: Provide overall security support, and other duties assigned for the management and oversight of all unit SAP activities. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: developing & implementing security policy and guidance for conducting classified operations & activities. Provides guidance and assistance to unit personnel in accordance with program directives, security classification guides (SCG), the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), Intelligence Community Directives (ICD-705) and other applicable Department of Defense (DoD) guidance. Possess the ability and written communication skills to develop detailed security products such as: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), security plans, and facility accreditation packages. Be familiar and functional with the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), Joint Access Database Environment (JADE), Defense Central Index of Investigations (DCII), and Defense Information System for Security (DISS), National Industrial Security Program (NISP). Process, review and edit unit and incoming security documentation to include but not limited to Facility Accreditations, Test Plans, DD 254s, Standard Operating Procedures, OPSEC plans and other detailed reports.

Administer the Personnel Security Program: Shall advise unit personnel on current personnel security policies and procedures for obtaining and maintaining SAP access. Shall assist in managing SAP access quotas and maintains program access rosters. Prepares & reviews Program Access Requests (PAR) IAW the Special Access Program Nomination Process (SAPNP) by utilizing/reviewing Personnel Security Questionnaires (PSQ), its respective Templates, and Letter of Compelling Need (LOCN) packages. Reviews the JPAS/DCII databases to confirm clearance information and send visit certifications. Responsible for entering privacy act information, foreign contact/travel information and program access data into JADE. Be able to utilize the JADE to produce access rosters, visitor certification, program hierarchy access lists and other specialized reports. Maintain accurate unit personnel security files that contain all required documents as


Data transmission and control: Responsible for proper preparation and dispatch of classified mail packages to other agencies. Protects, transmits/receives classified materials, contractor proprietary and sensitive information via classified networks and secure fax. Enforce two person integrity requirements to upload/download files onto secure networks. Must protect all classified information and contractor proprietary/sensitive materials without incident.

Physical Security: Responsible for physical security of the unit’s classified facilities to include entry control, issue badges, generate meeting rosters, conduct entry/exit checks and ensure prohibited devices are not introduced into the facilities. Must be able to activate alarms, enter unit personnel into the system, conduct alarm tests and initiate guard force response tests. Shall maintain an accurate door/safe combination database & change cypher/lock combinations, as required.

Operations Security (OPSEC) Program Administration: Assist in identifying OPSEC indicators, vulnerabilities & countermeasures to protect classified operations, programs and resources. Assists with the development, implementation and enforcement of OPSEC & ensures unit personnel are aware of current OPSEC concerns and unit security posture.

Security Education and Training Program Administration: Support development and implementation of SAP security education and training program that is tailored to meet specific security requirements of the unit. Shall assist in development and delivery of initial, refresher, and supplemental SAP security briefings and training; all to be documented IAW current SAP regulations.

Other Considerations: These positions are designated Critical Sensitive and must possess an active Top Secret security clearance, based upon a Single Scope Background (SSBI, SBPR, T5, or T5R) Investigation. Must be or have the ability to obtain and hold SCI-DCID 6/4 Eligibility. Additional experience includes protection of COMSEC information & materials. Duties will require unescorted entry/work within classified facilities. May be required to open/close the classified facilities & respond to alarm situations 24/7. This position requires some travel to other government agencies and contractor locations.

Eligible to be briefed to SAP on the start date of the Period of Performance.


  • Top Secret/SCI-Eligibility Clearance required
  • Eligible for SAP access
  • Personnel Security
  • Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS)
  • Joint Access Database Environment (JADE)
  • Program Access Requests (PAR)
  • Special Access Program Nomination Process (SAPNP)
  • DD254s

Security Clearance: Top Secret/Sensitive Comp Info

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