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WinCo Foods is a family of 20,000+ employee-owners, with 126 grocery stores and our own distribution and transportation network operating across 10 states in the American West, Pacific Northwest and Southwest. As the Low Price Grocery Leader we believe that we make the lives of our customers and employee-owners better and we do it by focusing on the people and communities where we operate.

WinCo Foods began in 1967, in Boise, ID, under the name Waremart, operating stores under the name until 1999, when the name was changed to WinCo Foods, short for Winning Company.

In 1985, after a group of senior employees purchased a majority interest in the company, they made the momentous decision to give WinCo Foods employees a real ownership stake. The WinCo Foods Employee Stock Ownership Trust (ESOP) was born, creating what has now become the third largest Employee-Owned company in the United States.

Today, WinCo Foods is well known and beloved for its everyday low-prices and engaged employee-owners across our service areas, encompassing 126 stores throughout Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and Montana.

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This position has been posted for multiple locations. If selected, you need to be prepared to work at any of the locations listed.

Job Summary
Learn all duties required of a Bakery Department Manager. Assists Bakery Department Manager in directing and controlling the operation of a Bakery Department by understanding related work areas including: supervising department personnel; planning and ordering merchandise; ensuring customer service and product quality, freshness and selection; assisting in coordination and management of department operations so as to control costs, meet targeted labor, maintain projected profit margins, and meet or exceed sales goals. Perform department clerk duties as needed.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities
  • Assists Bakery Department Manager in meeting departmental projected sales and gross margin objectives. Creates effective promotional and seasonal displays; prepares, proofs, stages and packages products; prevents shrink; oversees cost/quality control; orders necessary products and ingredients; prepares department sales/production guides; prepares, charts and records sales dollars/percentages; computes gross profit; processes and maintains accurate department records; and controls expenses.
  • Maintains and encourages an atmosphere of fast, friendly, courteous customer service, etc.
  • Ensures adequate product quantity, quality and freshness. Orders, checks, receives and controls inventory; builds, maintains and organizes product display and storage areas; stocks and rotates products; inspects displays daily for substandard and outdated product and discards outdated or spoiled products; ensures proper temperatures are maintained in all phases of product handling and preparation; follows retail labeling laws and company code dating policy; follows company policy on processing re-work or reduced-to-clear items, damage and spoilage of product; trims, cuts, wraps, trays, displays and waters products as needed; ensures proper pricing and signing; conducts inventories of all department items; and prepares food items as needed.
  • Learns and assists Department Manager in supervising, motivating, coaching, training and hiring of Department personnel.
  • Learns and assists Bakery Department Manager in monitoring employee performance, and recommending personnel action (hiring, firing, layoff and disciplinary action).
  • Learns and assists Bakery Department Manager in scheduling personnel according to coverage needs and service level.
  • Performs customer relation duties and engages in suggestive selling and other sales techniques.
  • Ensures
proper merchandising of product by understanding schematics, merchandising of advertised and special items, proper signing procedures, analyzing cutting tests and meeting customer demand.
  • Maintains cleanliness and eye-appeal of work area, storage area, equipment and retail displays according to company policy and legal regulations; and cleans work area by mopping, sweeping, taking out garbage, etc.
  • Maintains a safe/secure work environment and ensures compliance with security policies.
  • Performs receiving duties. Verifies orders against invoices; reports shortages and claims to ensure proper billing; breaks down loads and dates product; and cuts cases; stacks, prices and marks merchandise; etc.
  • Breaks down freight by moving product, placing it in inventory, operating fork lift, etc.
  • Performs all job duties and responsibilities with honesty and integrity.
  • Performs other duties as assigned or needed.
  • Completes the Manager in Training classroom and on the job training program.
  • Requirements
    • High School Diploma or Equivalent
    • Effective communication with co-workers and customers and following written instructions.
    • Demonstrating an understanding of overall company practices through previous experience in the bakery department or equivalent.
    • Providing leadership through skills in communication, management of people, customer relations, employee relations, analysis, planning orders, judgment, reaction to business activity, etc.
    • Performing basic math (adds, subtract, divide and multiply) and computing weights and measures.
    • Operating computers and windows software in a work setting.
    Ability to:
    • Perform all duties and responsibilities of a bakery department clerk at a fully competent and independent level.
    • Perform supervisory skills (e.g., interviewing, scheduling, hiring, counseling, training, disciplining, etc.)
    • Effectively utilize excellent verbal, written, electronic and interpersonal communication skills.
    • Perform safe/quick movements and operate related equipment with manual dexterity and hand/eye coordination.
    • Perform duties with mental alertness involving potential hazards with respect to related procedures, equipment (e.g., knives, cookers), and work aides.
    • Work around machinery emitting heat and cold conditions.
    • Have knowledge of all areas of bakery department production.
    • Learn product variability, perishability, safety and sanitation procedures and department policies.
    • Learn taste, content and perishability of products; Complete French Bread University (FBU) training.
    • Conduct visual inspections and read reports, manuals, etc.
    • Calculate inventory.
    • Stand for long periods of time, walk and move rapidly, bend, stoop, twist and turn frequently.
    • Perform repetitious arm and hand movements frequently.
    • Reach, lift, stack and maneuver objects of varying dimensions and weights up to 50 lbs. within the range of floor level to overhead frequently.
    • Push and pull fully loaded hand trucks and pallet jacks containing product of substantial weight.
    • Properly use cleaning chemicals in accordance with manufacture’s guidelines and instructions.
    • Properly handle related food products per State and County laws, and WinCo standards.
    • Perform primary duties efficiently and accurately.
    Additional Requirements:
    • Food Handlers Certification – current per State and County Laws and WinCo standards.
    Machines and Equipment Operated:
    • Computer terminal and office machines.
    • Order/scan gun
    • All department specific equipment which could include any of the following: kitchen utensils, knives and appliances, automatic slicers, grinders, stuffers, tumblers, smokehouse, vacuum sealers, overwrappers, scales, band saws, meat tenderizers, meat slicers, bone dusters, bulkers, bailers, cubers, mixers, dough machines, shrink wrappers, cash registers, trash compactors, garbage disposals, cardboard bailers, pallet jacks, hand trucks, and/or fork lifts.
    Preferred Education, Experience and/or Credentials:
    • Experience in a role with formal supervision responsibilities managing performance and/or completion of supervisory training, coursework or education.
    • Experience in a role with product management responsibilities including all aspects of inventory, display and maintenance of products within a specific department.
    The above statements are intended to describe the general nature of work performed by the employees assigned to this job. All employees must comply with Company policies and applicable laws. The responsibilities, duties and qualifications required of personnel may vary.


    As WinCo Foods continues to grow, our diversity—from our variety of perspectives and wide range of experiences—is essential to our strategy and success. We are committed to continue to cultivate and celebrate an inclusive environment in which all employees are valued and respected regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status.

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