RCC Social Service Assistant

Eugene - Oregon (OR), 97404

Looking Glass Community Services

Job Description:

Do you have excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to interact comfortably with diverse populations? Can you be consistent, fair, and firm, even in escalated situations? Are you able to handle tough behaviors on a daily basis? Do you want a flexible schedule? If so, you might just be perfect for this RCC Social Service Assistant On-Call position with our nonprofit! Please, read on!

Clients are referred to RCC in order to be stabilized, to identify treatment needs of the individual client, and to identify a treatment facility that the client may be sent to in order to complete necessary and relevant treatment. Often RCC clients are placed in other treatment facilities throughout Oregon after approximately 90 days, once a treatment plan has been identified for the individual client. Clients who are referred to RCC are often combative and have multiple mental or behavioral challenges. RCC uses treatments such as seclusion rooms and full body restraints when necessary to ensure the safety of our clients.

The relief RCC Social Service Assistant On-Call position starts at $18.00/hour. We offer a flexible schedule that can work around other obligations you may have. As a Social Service Assistant you are in charge of maintaining sight and sound supervision of our teenage clients. With a respectful and upbeat attitude, you direct and assist resident clients with basic life skill development such as interpersonal skills, housekeeping, physical activity, recreation, personal hygiene, and school work. You redirect and de-escalate behavior from clients. You get to coordinate and supervise recreational and other group activities. You help maintain a safe and consistent environment and put everyone at ease with your calm, confident demeanor.

Maintaining your professional boundaries as well as the program rules, you are kind but firm. Through your attitude, temperament, behavior, and social interactions, you are a positive role model and youth mentor for our clients. You observe and record both positive and negative behavior patterns to aid in counseling and/or service-planning for clients. As a team player, you also work well with Case Managers, Therapists, other SSA staff, Parole Officers, and families to provide appropriate care and skill-building.

Previous experience working in a residential setting with at-risk youth is required. You must be eligible for QMHA, and have the ability to pass Pro ACT crisis intervention training which includes verbal and physical intervention principles. It is preferred to have a Bachelor's degree in psychology, corrections or a related field. Current university students and those without a Bachelor's degree are encouraged to apply if you have prior experience working in a residential setting with at-risk youth!

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been dedicated to serving Lane County since 1970, we proudly provide assistance to children, adolescents, and adults in our community, helping them lead more productive and fulfilling lives. In order to hire and retain employees who truly share our mission to "build a better future for youth, adults, and families," we offer competitive compensation and a positive work culture. READY TO JOIN IN OUR NONPROFIT TEAM? If you feel that you would be right for Social Service Assistant On-Call position, please fill out our initial 3-minute, mobile-friendly application through our website,

*A resume may not be submitted in lieu of a Looking Glass application.*

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