Delivery Driver

White City - Oregon (OR), 97503

Abby's Legendary Pizza | Abbys Inc.

Job Description:

The Delivery Driver drives company vehicles to pick up and deliver products in the local area. An Abbys driver will adhere to all state traffic laws, answer the telephones, write orders, and deliver Abby's product to our delivery customer in a timely and professional manner, adhering to all Abby's training materials. Most importantly and without exception, the Delivery Driver operates within the legal speed limits and in a safe fashion at all time.

Duties and responsibilities for an Abbys Delivery Driver are to have a clean driving record with an unrestricted drivers license, knowledge of local roads in the area, good customer service, being able to priorities orders so orders arrive by designated time, cross-train in other positions in the restaurant to assist as requested by your supervisor.

Required skills for this position include but are not limited to; a neat appearance with good personal hygiene, ability to work without a great deal of supervision, basic mechanical skills to perform minor vehicle maintenance, such as checking and topping off fluid levels, maintaining tire pressure, etc., and maintaining the vehicle in a clean condition (interior and exterior). Good written and oral communication skills, good time management skills, and knowledge of local roads.
Brand: Abby's Legendary Pizza
Address: White City White City, OR - 97503
Property Description: 34 - 7480 Crater Lake Hwy. - White City, OR
Property Number: 034

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