Leader on Duty

Summit - South Dakota (SD), 57266

Coffee Cup Fuel Stops | Coffee Cup Fuel Stop

Job Description:

TITLE: Leader on Duty

DEPARTMENT: Operations

REPORT TO: General Manager


Summary of Position

This individual will lead his/her team in safe and effective execution of all daily business operations. This includes driving productivity standards in all work centers, problem-solving issues as they arise and ensuring team is providing great guest service.

The TEAM LEADER’S duties include:

  • Assigning and directing work of all team members to ensure safe and effective execution daily business operations.
  • Training and development of each team member in standardized work for each position using common practice methods.
  • Team-member cross training to develop operational flexibility.
  • Properly deploying teams to cover the business needs of the store with a focus on guest service.
  • Ensuring that all team members follow standardized work and standardized procedures diligently. This includes auditing all work center check lists throughout the day to ensure team is on track to complete shift duties.
  • Ensure team members are
working safely and that there are no known safety issues with the building.
  • Attention to the safety consciousness among all team members to ensure safety remains a front and center concern for all team members at all times, including daily discussions on safety topics.
  • Leadership in front line operation of the fuel desk and food centers.
  • Respond quickly to team and guest concerns.
  • Maintain a clean, great looking store.
  • Complete LOD lists and communicate daily activities to the General Manager by way of the LOD sheet. LOD sheets are turned in at the end of each day.
  • Requirements:

    • Must be at least 18 with a high school diploma or equivalent.
    • Have supervisory experience.
    • Read and understand all checklists, manuals and pertinent in building operations manuals.
    • Use technology as directed.
    • Cross train and work in other areas of store as needed.
    • Quickly and accurately operate all point of sale systems.

    Brand: Coffee Cup Fuel Stops
    Address: 45789 US Hwy 12 Summit, SD - 57266
    Property Description: 1 - Summit, SD
    Property Number: 1

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