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Adjunct Instructor for CRJ-3210: Punishment and Corrections

locationJohnson - Vermont (VT),

atVermont State Colleges

Job Description:

Northern Vermont University's Online division (NVU Online) is seeking an instructor for CRJ-3210: Punishment and Corrections for the upcoming Fall, 2021 semester.

Candidates must possess a master's degree or PH.D. in Criminology/Criminal Justice with evidence of teaching experience. The Instructor must design their own course in the Canvas LMS. This is an online course so applicants do not need to be in Vermont.

About the course:

CRJ-3210: Punishment and Corrections is a 3 credit course delivered

as part of NVU Online's course offerings. The course is scheduled for Fall 2021 as a 15-week online course offered from 8/23 - 12/10 with a one week observed break.

Course Description:

CRJ-3210: Punishment and Corrections

Credit(s): 3

This course offers a sociological view of punishment and corrections in the United States and seeks to place the study of jails, prisons, capital punishment, probation, parole, and community corrections in a macro-sociological and historical perspective.

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